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Helios is Portland-based composer Keith Kenniff. Since 2003, Keith has been a mainstay in the electronic/idm community with releases on labels such as Merck Records and Type. His signature blending of electronics, ambience, and found-sounds have garnered attention from some of the top music critics and his music can be heard in feature films such as “Mister Lonely” from director Harmony Korine and most recently in a trailer for the film “Revolutionary Road”.

Hot of the heels of the 2008 release, “Caesura”, for Type Records, Keith returns with a collection of previously unreleased b-sides from his past 4 releases, spanning almost 10 years. The songs range in style from the Boards of Canada-influenced “Bounce Dive” to the pure ambient drone of “The Jaguar Sun” and the reverbed guitar glory of songs like “Carry With Us”. Fans of Keith’s previous albums should find a steady diet of material to feast on while awaiting the next proper release, while giving newcomers a good introduction to his body of work.

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