• Image of Mint Julep | Adorn (mp3)

1. Arristea
2. Shine
3. Invisible Waves
4. * Helios - What Are You Searching For?

* Bonus track by Keith Kenniff
Mint Julep is Keith & Hollie Kenniff

Cover Photography | Shalamah Tautaiolefue | http://www.flickr.com/photos/lamahkun/

Adorn continues Mint Julep's tradition of dreamy and anthem state atmospheres, found on their debut album, Songs About Snow, while introducing a more detailed and polished electronic sound coupled with a sparkling rock sturdiness and Hollie's signature enchanting vocals. Finishing off the EP's tracklist is a bonus song, What Are You Searching For?, under Keith Kenniff's solo electronic/ambient project, Helios. A 10-minute composition that was composed originally for a short film by director Tomas Pollen, it serves as a chilled-out and epic end to the EP. Adorn precedes their long-awaited full length follow-up album, Save Your Season, which is scheduled for release in late 2011.